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New products from our latest Ottoman Collection (Turkish Chandeliers) inspired by the rich and artistic history of Anatolian civilizations :

These lights ! All made in Istanbul, Turkey.

These lights ! All made in Istanbul, Turkey. We are the main producers and exporters for Turkish Lamps and Mosaic Chandeliers. The factory for Anatolian and Turkish Ottoman Luxury Brass Lamps & Chandeliers, based in ISTANBUL, TURKEY) All of our models are truly original, handmade of brass and extra fine glasses of its original color. Therefore, we are 100% behind our production that there will not be any color change in the glass or oxidation of the brass throughout the time.

We have been in the production of souvenir and lighting accessories for a long time since 1960s as traditional father to son business independently. Then, we have decided to put our expertise, experience, new projects and work force together on "OTTOMAN Lamps" inspired by different cultures of Anatolia and “Rise and Fall" (or "Elevator") Lamps.

Our brand new Colorfull light !

The famous drop glass pendant..

Our first legendary laser-cut design!

"We offer the highest quality,very unique and specially designed all handmade decorative lighting products for retail stores, restaurants and luxury hotels."

Solutions for Hotel Projects

Solutions for Restaurants

Solutions for Architects

Modern Lighting

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Blown Large Lamps

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Specially Drawn Lights

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Period Lighting, Furniture,Chain design, Chain lighting, Moroccan decorating ideas, lighting and decoration, lamp decoration, lazer cut lamps,


Our stylish lighting Ideas, applications and projects for Anatolian Lights :

"We are in continuous effort to keep up the good work and improve it by maintaining the high quality by always considering both domestic and International client feedbacks. Our goal is to carry the family tradition and make it a world known brand for our sons."

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